Buffet & Wine


This post is a 2-fer. I purchased this mid century buffet on the cheap from Craigslist and painted it with the help of my sister.

I think it goes without saying from the picture we like wine. I used to hate wine, but after our honeymoon to Italy I was a convert. They drink wine with pretty much every meal, and I especially became a red wine lover. I wanted to create a display for our wine that was a big statement piece in our formal dining room. The frame was made out of finished 2″ x 1/2″ lumber. At the time, the only tools I had were a hand saw and miter box. I used glue and finishing nails to put the frame in place then caulked it to hide the imperfections. I painted the wood frame the same color as the wall and the inside a couple shades lighter. The four wrought iron wine racks I purchased on Amazon. I love how it turned out! I think it looks like it was originally custom built with the house.


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