Rubber Mat Wall Art

Wall Art

This was a project I found on pinterest and copied almost exactly. The step-by-step tutorial is here. You take 1″ x  12″ x 6 foot lumber, cut it down to 3 foot sections, stain it, place a rubber mat on top as a stencil and spray paint it! So easy! I originally made two sets for the formal dining room in my old house. We have since moved and I only have place for one set now in my living room above the built-in.
Rubber Mat wall art

A side note: the lanterns were centerpieces in our wedding. I JUST discovered Luminara LED flicker flameless candles. They are AMAZING and I need a million of them in the worst way. All you do is add batteries, turn them on at your desired time and they will stay on for 5 hours, turn off automatically, and then turn back on again the same time every day from thereon out!!! It is magic and I love it.

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