Coordinates Pillows


My repurposed headboard bench was totally lonely without pillows, and I finally got around to it! I love things that are personalized. When I saw these pillows buzzing around Etsy and Pinterest, I knew I had to design and make my own.

Special note: I Googled the coordinates of my house and used them on the pillows. With photoshop magic I changed the coordinates in the picture so I won’t have a crazy online stalker show up at my doorstep. I’m smart like that. And paranoid 🙂

I bought two super cheap indoor/outdoor pillows on amazon for $5.89 each (including shipping)! A couple things: 1) They feel cheap. You get what you pay for, but I am happy with them for the purpose they serve. 2) they are listed as 16″ x 16″ but they are more like 14″ x 14″

I had extra burlap laying around from a table runner I made for a craft show booth. I also had leftover black fabric paint from a previous project. Score!

I designed in Illustrator, printed it out on regular paper (I had to tile it because it was too big), and taped it to a window (you can use a light table if you have one). Then I taped the burlap on top and painted the design.



I waited for the paint to dry. I estimated my pillow was 14″ x 14″, cut my square at 14.5″ x 14.5″ PLUS 2″ x 2″ to make sure I had plenty of room for the seams…a total of 16.5″ x 16.5″. I placed right sides together and sewed around leaving several inches open at the bottom of the pillowcase for inserting the pillow. I cut the corners off and turned it right side out. Once the pillow was inserted I carefully finished sewing it up, leaving the smallest seam possible.



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