3-Tier Strawberry Planter


This is definitely the easiest DIY project to date on this site! I love to eat strawberries. Did you know that strawberries are number one on the dirty dozen list? The dirty dozen list is the annual ranking of conventionally grown produce with the most pesticide residues. Strawberries are little pesticide sponges, so buy organic! And if you don’t want to take a second mortgage out just to buy organic, try growing your own!


Side note: Does anyone know how to get those rust stains off the vinyl siding? I’ve tried CLR and that didn’t even touch it. Ugh! So ugly. I’m ready to just try painting over it. 

For this project you need:

• 3 plastic Dura Cotta pots. One 20-inch, one 14-inch, and one 8-inch.

• Empty plastic bottles

• Approximately 3 cu. ft. potting soil

• Level

• Shovel

• 11 to 12 strawberry plants


First I dug a hole so it set in the ground a bit (I just didn’t like how tall it looked).


Then I filled the bottom with some random empty plastic bottles to save money on unnecessary potting soil.


I used a level to make sure the pot was even in the ground.


Then I repeated those steps over again.


And then I planted the strawberries! Easy as that.


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