Macrame Hanging Plant Holder


This is a super easy and quick DIY project. I spent WAY more time shopping online for a cool indoor hanging planter before I gave up and decided to make my own. What you’ll need is:

• About 150 ft. natural macrame cord (that is on the generous side)

• Your own pot. My pot was 7-1/2″ diameter, 6-1/2″ tall but it can be any size you want

• Plants & potting soil

• Wall hanger for plants (hanging from the ceiling makes me nervous, but it’s up to you!)


1. Lay your pot upside down. Start by cutting 8 qty. pieces of cord that are 6 arm lengths.

2. Find the center and lay that center on the center of your pot. Tie a knot.

3. Divide the cord into 4 sections (4 pieces of cord each)

4. Tie a knot in each section by the edge

5. Take two pieces of cord from one section, and two pieces of cord from the section next to it, and knot them together. Repeat all the way around.

6. Repeat the above direction one more time. Flip it over, plant your plants, and it is ready to hang!



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