Repurposed Shot Bag Pillow

Lead Shot Pillow I love antique packaging because the logos, typography, colors and illustrations are so beautiful. I have a whole section dedicated to it in my Etsy store. They used to make canvas bags for many things such as shot, grain/feed, flour, money, military uses, hardware supplies, and more. Canvas is an easy material to repurpose if you have basic sewing skills!

I was cleaning out my parents basement and found a stash of my dad’s empty canvas shot bags. He never threw anything away, so I found some pretty interesting stuff down there. The bags were dirty and gross, so I brought them home and washed them several times. I used a seam ripper to deconstruct the bags and then ironed the fabric flat. I already had a couple pillow forms from IKEA waiting. There is a step-by-step envelope pillow cover tutorial here. She uses solid pieces of fabric, so to get up to speed I had to first sew the shot bags together like a quilt to make one piece of fabric. I bought extra matching cream colored canvas from the fabric store to make a blank backside. After a couple of hours I was done! I now have two matching throw pillows on my couch that I am in love with.




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